Chris Paul’s Extremely Honest Take On Kobe Bryant

Chris Paul’s Extremely Honest Take On Kobe Bryant

Phoenix Suns star Chris Paul is one of the league’s most respected ambassadors. As such, any time he says anything, people listen intently.

This week, Paul offered some honest thoughts on what Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant meant to him and the larger NBA as a whole.

“Kobe and GiGi (were) so meaningful to this league,” Paul said.

“We always talk about ‘this (is) a brotherhood’. And Kobe has meant more to this league than a lot of other players, and I think the players understand that. So Vanessa, we all a part of that family and we just try to support her and the family as much as we can.”

Paul is obviously something of an acquired taste. He gets under other players’ skin. He has some very strong opinions, like when he adamantly took the position that there was one team he refused to play for. But when he softens up, like he did while talking about Bryant, he can also come off as one of the most thoughtful and kind players around.

Bryant is deeply missed by fans and players alike. And when people honor him in the way Paul did this week, it is not only deeply meaningful, it keeps his memory alive in a truly crucial way.

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