Chris Paul Gets Honest About Relationship With Stephen Curry

Chris Paul Gets Honest About Relationship With Stephen Curry

The Golden State Warriors acquired Chris Paul this offseason in a trade centered around the Hall of Fame point guard and Jordan Poole.

Many have since wondered about Paul’s fit on the roster both on and off the court, particularly given some of the history his teams have had with the Warriors.

This week, Paul appeared on ESPN and quelled some of the doubts by offering a bit of a lesson on his relationship with Stephen Curry.

Paul’s comments were telling.

“Me and Steph have known each other a long time,” Paul said.

“My wife was at his wedding, I think him and his wife was at our wedding. But we’ve known each other for a very long time.

“So I’m excited to get a chance to play alongside him, Klay [Thompson], [Andrew Wiggins], Draymond [Green], all them man. They got an unbelievable organization and that team is just, they’ve been playing together for a while and they know what they’re doing.”

In recent days, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr came out and spelled out in fairly blunt terms why the front office made the move it made.

Clearly the situation with Poole was growing untenable and this was the best return available.

Does that mean it will work? Obviously not. But clearly all parties involved felt like it was a risk worth taking.

Will Curry and the Warriors help Paul finally bring home his first career NBA title? One way or the other, an answer will emerge next season.

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