Chris Paul Fires Back At Stephen Curry Over ‘2014’ Jab (Video)

Chris Paul Fires Back At Stephen Curry Over ‘2014’ Jab (Video)

Chris Paul and the Phoenix Suns fell to Stephen Curry’s Golden State Warriors on Monday night.

The outing was largely unremarkable and uneventful, particularly given how testy things got the last time these two squads faced off, but it did feature one somewhat interesting moment.

The reference there seems to be to Paul’s then-Los Angeles Clippers eliminating Curry’s Warriors from the playoffs nine years ago.

But why is Curry still holding on to that? It’s unclear.

After the game, Paul — who is no stranger to beefs — addressed the shot Curry seemed to take at him.

“S**t, I don’t know what happened in 2014,” Paul said.

“Y’all tell me. 2014, that was like nine years ago. What happened?”

Paul didn’t stop there, though.

“[In 2009], he spent the whole summer with me and my family,” he continued.

“Ya know what I mean? So I know about 2009. But 2014, what was that? That was my third year with the Clippers? I don’t know. If y’all got time, go ask him.”

What did or didn’t happen in 2014 aside, the West is absolutely fascinating right now.

Phoenix is currently ranked fourth and sits 1.5 games ahead of Golden State, who is fifth. At this point, it feels like anyone could move up and down anywhere in the Western Conference before the season wraps.

The Warriors seem to have a lot of momentum right now. And they look very focused. Aside from one blip on the radar, Klay Thompson’s new girlfriend posting provocative photos of herself in his bedroom, the squad seems to be all about basketball and winning. And that focus is going to be key come playoff time.

After the Draymond Green-Jordan Poole altercation, many thought that Golden State wouldn’t be able to get it together and make a run at a second consecutive title.

These days, though – it feels like a very realistic possibility.

Will Curry and the Warriors be able to send Paul and the Suns home early in the postseason when it matters most? Time will tell.

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