Chris Paul Explains Why He Never Joined Miami Heat

Chris Paul Explains Why He Never Joined Miami Heat

Chris Paul never joined the Miami Heat for a fairly obvious reason.

Paul and Dwyane Wade sat down together a while back for a chat on Instagram. Although they covered a myriad of topics, one funny story emerged.

Apparently, a big hang-up that precluded Paul from joining the Heat was the fact that he would not be able to wear the No.3.

“After we talked for a while, and then we decided that I wasn’t gonna go to Miami and all that,” Paul said.

“C.J., I remember my brother was sitting over there on the couch. And C.J. was like, ‘That ain’t gonna work anyway, ’cause who gonna wear No. 3?’ C.J. said, ‘Who gonna wear No. 3?’ And then you was on the phone, you know what’s crazy? I sorta found out who you were then.”

Wade argued that he should not have been forced to give up the No. 3 to Paul.

“No, that was, like, my team,” he said.

“I couldn’t give up No. 3. It was going to be retired there one day. I knew I couldn’t do that.”

“I get that and I respect that,” Paul replied.

“But they don’t call you ‘DW3…'”

Wade laughed that comment off.

“For all the people out there that’s listening, CP didn’t come to Miami because we couldn’t come to an agreement on No. 3.”

Could Wade and Paul have won a championship together in Miami? That will go down as one of the NBA’s truly great unanswered questions.

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