Chris Godwin Does Not Want To Give Tom Brady His Number

Chris Godwin Does Not Want To Give Tom Brady His Number

Chris Godwin Does Not Want To Give Tom Brady His Number

Chris Godwin does not want to give Tom Brady his number at this point in time.

On Friday, Brady officially signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The deal is for two years and nearly $60 million.

In joining the Buccaneers, Brady will now have two tremendous wide receivers to throw to: Godwin and Mike Evans.

One of those guys also has something else that Brady might want: his jersey number.

Many have wondered if Godwin has any plans to give up his jersey number for arguably the greatest quarterback of all time.

Godwin appeared on ESPN’s NFL Live on Friday to answer that very question.

“My phone has been blowing up non-stop on all my socials, texts and calls. Everybody wants to know the same thing,” Godwin said.

“But for me I’m very passionate about the number, I’ve been wearing it since I was in high school but at the end of the day, if he doesn’t want it then I’ll keep it.

“But if he does, out of respect for everything he’s accomplished and everything that he’s done I will kinda have to defer to him. He’s the GOAT, you know. If he’s willing to give it up, perfect but if he’s not I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.”

Last year, Godwin recorded 1,333 yards and nine scores on 86 catches. Will those numbers go up with Brady throwing to him? Time will tell.

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