Chris Bosh Reveals How Kobe Bryant Changed His Life

Chris Bosh Reveals How Kobe Bryant Changed His Life

Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant had a tremendous impact on many NBA players – past and present.

This week, former Toronto Raptors and Miami Heat star Chris Bosh opened up about the shift he went through as a result of Bryant’s influence.

“To tell you the truth, after Kobe (Bryant) passed it put that much more perspective on what’s important and so I take the extra time with the family, with the kids, talking to kids, encouraging people, just trying to be positive and make each day a masterpiece,” he said during an appearance on the Tim and Friends show.

“You do that just by staying in the present and enjoying the day as it is or trying your best to or working hard.”

It is easy to see why Bryant’s larger-than-life presence has, and continues to, play such a dramatic role in players’ lives.

Over the past few weeks, a number of interesting stories about Bryant have resurfaced. Everything from him describing the hardest player in the NBA for him to figure out to anecdotes about him from the 2008 Olympics to his one-of-a kind quote about missing shots.

Although Bryant is gone, clearly he will never be forgotten – and his mark on the sport of basketball will forever remain in the minds of all his fans around the globe.

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