Chiefs vs Texans Winner Is Obvious, According To ESPN

Chiefs vs Texans Winner Is Obvious, According To ESPN

Chiefs vs Texans Winner Is Obvious, According To ESPN

The winner of Thursday night’s Week 1 showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans is obvious, according to ESPN.

The Worldwide Leader in Sports uses a special computer model to forecast the outcomes of looming games. After crunching the numbers, this model revealed that the Chiefs have a 77 percent chance of escaping with a victory.

Chiefs vs Texans
Chiefs vs Texans

This is not unexpected. Most odds makers have Kansas City installed as either a nine or ten point favorite over Houston.

According to publicly available data, 60% of the tickets and 69% of the money is coming in on the Chiefs.

One of the reasons why this outing is so highly anticipated is because it pits two of the league’s best young quarterbacks against one another.

Patrick Mahomes is coming off an offseason where the Chiefs signed him to a $500 million extension that will keep him in Kansas City for the next decade.

Deshaun Watson, meanwhile, just this week inked his own contract extension with the Texans that will pay him $160 million over the next four years.

With money no longer looming over their heads, both quarterbacks can now simply focus on balling out.

Recently, Mahomes admitted that he and Watson will likely see each other for years to come in games just like the one due to take place Thursday night.

“You see that Deshaun [Watson] and the Texans are a great football team,” he said.

“There’s a lot of great talent around him, and he makes a lot of big plays in big games. I think I said something to him last year at the end of the game, that we’re going to have these battles for a long time. We’re two opponents in the same conference in the AFC, so I’m sure I’ll see a lot of games against him.”

Watson has always been very respectful and complimentary of Mahomes, but also careful to avoid comparisons.

“I’m not going to compare myself to no one else,” he said recently.

“We all want to be legendary and champs, but there’s different standards and situations … the way we operate and think might be a little bit different.”

All in all, Week 1 will answer a lot of questions regarding both teams.

Will Mahomes and the Chiefs look as good as they did late last season, now that they have already won the big one?

Can Watson and the Texans establish themselves as a legitimate Super Bowl contender this year?

This match-up will either change or confirm a lot of pre-existing notions.

Chiefs vs Texans will kick off from Arrowhead Stadium at 8:20 p.m. EST and will air on NBC.

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