Chicago Cubs Trading Kris Bryant To Washington Nationals?

Chicago Cubs Trading Kris Bryant To Washington Nationals?

Chicago Cubs Trading Kris Bryant To Washington Nationals?

Are the Chicago Cubs trading Kris Bryant to the Washington Nationals?

On the heels of Washington’s massive deal seven-year, $245 million deal for Stephen Strasburg, the defending champions are reportedly looking to make another big move.

According to Jon Morosi of, the Nationals have reportedly reached out to Chicago regarding a possible deal involving Bryant.

Clearly Washington has its sights set on signing Anthony Rendon, but there are a lot of suitors out there for him.

If the organization’s pursuit of Rendon does not work out, Bryant could make a lot of sense.

At the moment Bryant has another couple of years of arbitration eligibility remaining and won’t become a free agent until 2021, so the only way to get him is via trade.

Will the Nationals be willing to give up enough to get him? It remains to be seen.

But it would certainly make sense for the defending champions to take a close look at a guy who hit .282 with 31 home runs, 77 RBI and an OPS of .903 last  year.

At the end of the day, a trade between these two teams would make a lot of sense for all involved.

Chicago could get itself some farm system depth and young pieces to build around.

Washington could shore up a major weakness, particular if the team whiffs on Rendon.

Either way, we should get an answer on Bryant’s future sooner rather than later.

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