Chicago Bears Going All In On Andy Dalton?

Chicago Bears Going All In On Andy Dalton?

Chicago Bears Going All In On Andy Dalton?

Are the Chicago Bears going all in on Andy Dalton as their next quarterback?

Some believe this is the smartest move the organization could make.

Last season, Dalton had something of a rough campaign. It became readily apparent that the Cincinnati Bengals were looking to move on, and the organization simply had no room for a 32-year-old veteran.

After getting the No. 1 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the Bengals signaled that they would use the selection on a new quarterback.

For all intents and purposes, Dalton’s time in Cincinnati is officially over. Now it is just a question of where he will go next.

“I can tell you one thing,” team director of player personnel Dick Tobin said recently.

“What Andy Dalton’s done for the Cincinnati Bengals is not something that we’re going to forget and we’re not going to just willy-nilly, make something happen with him that, a) he’s uncomfortable with and, b) that we’re uncomfortable with.

“He came in and won for us immediately, and he’s certainly not done. He’s got a lot of talent, he’s got a lot of leadership,” he continued.

“We have the utmost respect and high regard for Andy Dalton and we don’t believe by a long stretch that his career is over.”

So where would Dalton fit the most comfortable?

Recently, one NFL analyst suggested that the answer may be Chicago. In fact, he insisted that the team should go “all-in” on him if it has the opportunity.

The rationale behind the suggestion is clear.

Last season, the Bears came into the season with a lot of hype and expectations. While the defense ultimately lived up to all the chatter, the offense sputtered badly.

Trubisky was a big reason why. With limited options on how to replace him, Dalton might be the solution to all of Chicago’s Trubisky problems.

One way or another, the Bears will need to take a chance of some sort in order to resolve their quarterback dilemma. Taking a chance on someone like Dalton is as good a way of doing it as any.

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