Chicago Bears Choosing Between Andy Dalton, Nick Foles

Chicago Bears Choosing Between Andy Dalton, Nick Foles

Chicago Bears Choosing Between Andy Dalton, Nick Foles

The Chicago Bears are currently in the process of choosing between Andy Dalton and Nick Foles. Mitchell Trubisky’s time as starter appears to be done.

In a report on Monday, ESPN NFL insider Ed Werder revealed that the Bears are taking serious steps to secure its quarterback position. According to him, there is a “sense” within the organization that Chicago is hoping to force Trubisky to compete for the starting spot.

“Bears are focused on acquiring Andy Dalton or Nick Foles – both veteran quarterbacks who have played for either Matt Nagy or members of coaching staff,” he tweeted.

“There’s a sense in the organization that Mitchell Trubisky should be forced to compete for the starting position.”

Whether the team ultimately goes with Dalton or Foles, there will need to be a trade either way. Both men are presently signed to their current teams, not free agents.

This is somewhat problematic for Chicago because the Bears lack first round draft picks. That makes trading for a big name quarterback very difficult.

“The issue for #Bears in trade discussions with Jaguars for Foles and Bengals for Dalton is compensation as team lacks a first-round pick already,” he tweeted.

“That creates reluctance to give up more than a third-day pick in this years draft.”

The Bengals will be selecting Heisman-winning LSU quarterback Joe Burrow with the top overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. That makes Dalton expendable.

Along the same lines, the Jaguars have seemingly committed to Gardner Minshew as the team’s cornerstone at quarterback, making Foles equally tradeable.

Will the Bears be able to swing a deal with either organization, though? Time will tell.

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