Charles Barkley Is In Quarantine For Coronavirus?

Charles Barkley Is In Quarantine For Coronavirus?

Charles Barkley Is In Quarantine For Coronavirus?

Is Charles Barkley in quarantine for coronavirus? The Hall of Famer appeared on TNT’s Inside the NBA Thursday to deliver some scary news.

According to Barkley, he spent the last few days feeling unwell and decided to get himself checked out.

While he is still awaiting the results of his coronavirus test, he has opted to self-quarantine for 48 hours to ensure that he does not get anybody else sick.

“I spent the earlier part of the week in New York City,” he said. “When I got to Atlanta yesterday, I wasn’t feeling well. I talked to a couple of people at Turner, a couple of doctors and they told me to self-quarantine for the next 48 hours.”

To be fair, there is a very good chance that Barkley’s illness is unrelated to coronavirus. It could be the flu or just a common cold.

But given the current state of affairs all over the world as it pertains to coronavirus, his caution and decision to self-quarantine is commendable.

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