Chargers Make Surprising Philip Rivers 2020 Decision

Chargers Make Surprising Philip Rivers 2020 Decision

Chargers Make Surprising Philip Rivers 2020 Decision

The Chargers made a surprising Philip Rivers 2020 decision this week.

It appears the organization is parting ways with its former franchise quarterback.

According to ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter, Rivers has “permanently” relocated from California to Florida.

That is not the move he likely would have made had their been a return to the Chargers planned for 2020.

The 38-year-old star has made it no secret that he was not fond of the organization’s move from San Diego to Los Angeles. He refused to relocate his family to LA, opting instead to simply commute from San Diego to Los Angeles for games.

That did not endear him much to the new city. His coolness towards the fans coupled with a relatively underwhelming campaign on the field spelled disaster for all involved.

Rivers finished 2019 with 4,615 yards and 23 scores. The touchdown total was his lowest since 2007. Moreover, this year he was completely incapable of protecting the football – throwing 20 picks for the third time in his career.

The Chargers are looking for a franchise quarterback who can help them win the hearts and minds of its new city. Someone with splashy name recognition and a big personality – like Tom Brady.

Rivers, meanwhile, wants stability and a franchise looking for a veteran presence. Perhaps a team like the Chicago Bears or Carolina Panthers.

Will either side get what they are ultimately looking for? We should find out for certain at some point in the next few months.

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  1. It wasn’t not moving to LA that didn’t endear him to fans. It’s that no one in LA cared that the Chargers moved to LA period. More people wanted the Raiders, and you still had some holdover Rams fans(or enough that were happy to start rooting for them again once they came back). Lest we forget, first year back the chargers were the better team, and they still couldn’t sell out a soccer stadium, and most of the fans were that were there were fans of the AWAY team. Moving to LA of all places was guaranteed to alienate SD fans as well. Lazy, uninformed reporting.

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