Celtics’ Jaylen Brown Fires Back At Stephen A. Smith  

Celtics’ Jaylen Brown Fires Back At Stephen A. Smith  

Jaylen Brown and the Boston Celtics are on the verge of making to the NBA Finals this year. Unfortunately, because the Eastern Conference is so unimpressive at the moment, nobody is talking much about that.

In fact, most are making the case that Boston is essentially getting a bye all the way to the championship round.

This past weekend Brown found himself trending when ESPN talking head, Stephen A. Smith, suggested he has some personality defects that prevent him from begin as big of a star as he should be.

“I wanted to read to y’all what an NBA source just sent me,” Smith said.

“He said, ‘Jaylen Brown. It’s not so much that he’s underrated. It’s that he just not liked because of his ‘I am better than you attitude.’ He knows it. It’s the same reason he is not as marketable as he should be.’ That’s what an NBA source just sent me.

“I don’t know that to be the case. I like Jaylen Brown I know a lot of people that like Jaylen Brown, but again, when you think of marketability, that was that person was alluding to.”

Shortly thereafter, Brown took to social media to address Smith directly.

Will Smith respond to Brown? Time will tell.

Isiah Thomas Defends Brown

Amid Smith’s questioning of Brown’s character, Isiah Thomas took to social media to defend him.

“I have been a friend, mentor and advisor to (Brown) since he was a student at UC Berkeley,” Thomas tweeted.

“He is 100 percent marketable and before you slander his name (Smith) tell your source to put their name on it or don’t speak on it. Let it be known.”

Given how big of a headcase Thomas has been known to be, it will be interesting to see how his defense of Brown is ultimately received among the broader audience.

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