Caitlin Clark Is The Most Racially Persecuted Athlete Since Jackie Robinson

Caitlin Clark Is The Most Racially Persecuted Athlete Since Jackie Robinson

Caitlin Clark entering the WNBA has mostly had all the effects it was expected to have. The league is seeing all-time high ratings numbers, the athletes are being treated better than ever before, and everyone is making more money than ever.

The interest in Clark, much as was the case when she was in college, stems from the fact that she is the first women’s basketball player to come out with what is essentially Stephen Curry’s game.

For the same reason everyone loves watching Curry, they love watching Clark as well.

Unfortunately, also much as was the case in college, Clark is surrounded by unfiltered racists in the WNBA who hate her for a reason that is pretty obvious to anyone listening to the criticism.

Just last week, Chicago Sky rookie Angel Reese mocked Clark by suggesting that she actually wins games and isn’t just famous for improving her team’s flight situation.

“And that’s on getting a WIN in a packed area not just cause of one player on our charter flight,” she tweeted.

Reese quickly deleted her tweet like a coward, but not before it went viral.

Shortly thereafter, Reese’s teammate decided to take a shot at Clark:

None of this should come as a surprise, during last year’s NCAA Tournament, Reese and her little friends celebrated Clark’s loss in the National Championship Game almost more than the winners did.

Reese isn’t alone in her weird bullying of Clark, though. Other players around the WNBA have the same sentiments. It got so bad recently that NBA legend Charles Barkley felt the need to come out and defend Clark.

“You woman out there, y’all petty, man… Y’all should be thanking (Caitlin Clark) for getting y’all (expletive) private charters,” Barkley said this week.

Barkley’s statement prompted a racist and sexist retort from ESPN talking head Elle Duncan.

“This is only women that get this s**t,” Duncan said.

“I’m tired of it. Here’s my thing you guys: Who are these girls that are hating on Caitlin Clark? Are you just combing through Twitter? What else are these women supposed to do? Fawn over her? Fan girl over her? Bend the f***ing knee? Kiss the ring? Like what do we want from them?”

The reality is, no athlete since Jackie Robinson has entered a league and faced as much racial persecution as Clark.

It is quite sad.

The WNBA has struggled to attain legitimacy for years because of how poor the quality of play has been. Now, thanks to actually talented athletes like Clark entering the league, there is an opportunity for that change.

Will the WNBA’s overly-whiny stars let the league be improved by Clark? Or will they continue to racially persecute her in a way that makes everyone uncomfortable? Time will tell.

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