Bulls Have Multiple DeMar DeRozan Trade Suitors To Work With

Bulls Have Multiple DeMar DeRozan Trade Suitors To Work With

DeMar DeRozan’s second season with the Chicago Bulls didn’t go as well as the first one did.

Whereas in Year 1 DeRozan was an MVP candidate and led his squad into the NBA playoffs, Year 2 was mired with injuries and mediocrity.

Technically, DeRozan is still under contract with the Bulls, but it is widely expected that the team will explore its options this summer as far as dealing him.

If Chicago does opt to trade DeRozan, multiple potential suitors for his services have emerged.

According to insider Will Gottlieb, there are a lot of squads worth keeping an eye on.

“The [Memphis] Grizzlies are definitely a team that might be able to use a stabilizing veteran force who can be relied on to score in the half court — something the Grizzlies struggle to do,” he wrote.

“Getting Tyus Jones, one of the Grizzlies young players and/or a pick could be an enticing package to keep the Bulls afloat now while also replenishing their asset base.”

That said, Gottlieb also seemed to indicate that other organizations may have interest in DeRozan as well.

“The [New York] Knicks are always star shopping,” he continued.

“[The] Portland [Trail Blazers] could be an option. [The Los Angeles] Lakers are a natural match but have cap questions to answer themselves. The [Milwaukee] Bucks if Khris Middleton leaves. [The] Dallas [Mavericks are] desperate to add talent around Luka Doncic.

“The [Houston] Rockets are ready to climb out of the basement. [The] Orlando [Magic] could be ready to make a move to step forward. Maybe a reunion in Toronto could be in order.

“I don’t expect DeRozan to be the first option for any of these teams, but as soon as teams start striking out, they may turn to the Bulls, who may be in a position of power in this marketplace.”

This isn’t he first time chatter about DeRozan joining the Lakers has arisen in recent months. That said, it’s hard to forget how much bad blood there was from when L.A. wronged him before pursuing Russell Westbrook instead. It’s not clear if all parties involved have forgiven and forgotten.

Either way, though – it is increasingly looking like big changes are on the horizon for Chicago.

Who will the Bulls ultimately trade DeRozan to when it’s all said and done? Time will tell.

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