Bulls’ Asking Price To Send Alex Caruso Back To Lakers

Bulls’ Asking Price To Send Alex Caruso Back To Lakers

Over the last few years Alex Caruso has quietly turned into one of the NBA’s most valuable and respected role players.

As a result, multiple title contenders have expressed interest in adding him to their rosters.

The Milwaukee Bucks have been Caruso’s loudest suitor over the past few weeks.

That said, the Lakers have also expressed interest in a reunion with him – despite the messy circumstances under which their prior time together concluded.

This week Jake Fischer of Yahoo Sports identified what Chicago’s asking price for Caruso would be, whether it is the Bucks or Lakers trying to acquire him.

“Chicago has indicated the Bulls would need multiple first-round picks to even consider parting with Caruso, according to league sources, if Chicago even truly considers moving him at all,” the report noted.

In recent weeks the Lakers have been linked to a massive trade with the Cleveland Cavaliers, two former players and a blockbuster trade with an Eastern Conference rival.

Because of that, it is hard to see them expending their trade capital on someone like Caruso. He is valuable, sure – but he doesn’t turn them into a legitimate championship contender. He is more of a piece that you add to a team that is already more or less set.

The Bucks make a lot more sense.

Of course, the Lakers did learn last year how much just one or two key role players can change a team’s fortunes. Maybe if their Plan A superstar acquisition attempts fall apart, they will revisit a potential reunion with Caruso.

Either way, the next few weeks promise to be busy.

With the NBA Trade Deadline approaching, it feels like Chicago trading Caruso is in the cards. Where precisely he will end up, though, remains to be seen.

Will the Bulls ultimately trade Caruso back to the Lakers? Time will tell.

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