Bruce Arians On Why Tom Brady Would Be A Bad Coach To Play For

Bruce Arians On Why Tom Brady Would Be A Bad Coach To Play For

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians has never been one to bite his tongue. Whether his opinion will be perceived as indelicate or not, he always offers it. The man has zero regard for the sports media’s propensity to twist words and fabricate narratives, and it shows in the way he conducts himself.

This week, one particular recent quote from Arians went viral. Context for it is necessary.

During an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show, Arians offered his thoughts on why he didn’t believe Brady would be a pleasant head coach to play for.

“He’s like Peyton [Manning],” Arians said. “They’re perfectionists. You wouldn’t want to work for them.”

To be clear: Arians does not think Brady would be a bad coach in terms of ability to win. He is simply saying that, as a perfectionist, he might be a tough coach to play for. A similar complaint has often been made about Brady’s former New England Patriots head coach, Bill Belichick.

If Arians wanted to take a shot at Brady, he simply would’ve done it. It’s not in his nature to hold back, as he made abundantly clear the time he publicly bashed Brady for his poor quarterback play. And the other time he did it. And then the other time he did it. And the time after that.

The only point Arians was making was that Brady is a perfectionist – anyone trying to pretend like he said anything other than that is being purposely disingenuous.

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