Browns Will Trade Odell Beckham To San Francisco 49ers

Browns Will Trade Odell Beckham To San Francisco 49ers

Browns Will Trade Odell Beckham To San Francisco 49ers

The Browns will trade Odell Beckham to the San Francisco 49ers, probably.

Heading into the 2019 season all anyone could gush about was what an embarrassment of riches Cleveland’s offense was.

Sure, the franchise gave up an arm and a leg for arguably the most petulant wide receiver in the league – but it was worth it.

Baker Mayfiend and Beckham would combine to form the most dominant quarterback-receiver pairing since Tom Brady-Randy Moss.

Obviously that fantasy never ended up materializing.

The Browns are absolutely awful this year and Beckham is already making it clear he wants out.

According to Jay Glazer of Fox Sports, Beckham has reportedly reached out to teams and players throughout the NFL and told them, “come get me.”

Charles Robison of Yahoo! Sports confirmed that this was true.

So who will ultimately come and get Beckham?

According to a source that spoke to Robinson, the 49ers are a smart bet.

This source made it clear that Beckham and Jimmy Garoppolo have a friendship that they believe may lead to a future partnership.

“He talks to Jimmy on and off the field,” the source told Robinson.

“They have a friendship that is more than just saying hello before or after [a game]. There’s a lot of mutual respect there as football players and people — which is important [to Beckham].”

Back in October, Beckham’s Browns played against Garoppolo’s 49ers. Following the game, the pair was seen exchanging words.

The Niners would make a lot of sense for Beckham at this point. With arguably the best defense in the NFL at their disposal, all they really need to do to become true Super Bowl contenders is upgrade the offense.

One quick way to upgrade the offense? Add arguably the most explosive wide receiver in the league.

Will San Francisco ultimately be able to steal Beckham away from Cleveland? It certainly is beginning to look that way.

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