Browns Will Trade Odell Beckham To New York Jets

Browns Will Trade Odell Beckham To New York Jets

Browns Will Trade Odell Beckham To New York Jets

The Browns will trade Odell Beckham to the New York Jets.

Beckham, 27, is one of the most polarizing players in the league. Some think he is the most talented wide receiver of his generation. Others believe he is an overrated prima donna.

This past year Cleveland gave up an arm and a leg to acquire Beckham. His relationship with the New York Giants ended in a fiery explosion, but the Browns thought they’d be different.

The plan was for Beckham to form a dynamic duo with Baker Mayfield akin to Peyton Manning-Reggie Wayne.

Unfortunately, that did not end up happening.

Mayfield regressed badly in his sophomore campaign and Beckham’s numbers have suffered as a result.

Last week Jay Glazer of Fox Sports reported that over the past month Beckham had been asking opposing teams to trade for him.

Chris Robinson of Yahoo! Sports confirmed this to be the case, and suggested the San Francisco 49ers as a possible trade destination for him.

Another possibility?

According to Ralph Vacchiano of SNY, Beckham would not be opposed to playing in New York again – this time for the Jets.

“If Odell Beckham really wants out of Cleveland, what would he think about coming to the Jets?” he tweeted out.

“He’s ‘not afraid’ of a return to New York, a source said, despite his experiences with the Giants.”

If the Jets are truly committed to Sam Darnold being their quarterback for the long haul, they need to get him some help.

Beckham theoretically should be a great fit as the Jets’ No. 1 receiving option, but people said the same thing about Cleveland.

Up to this point, Darnold has done little to establish himself as a significantly better quarterback than Mayfield.

If the Jets do bring Beckham in, there is a decent chance he will have an experience similar to the one he is currently having in Cleveland.

That being said, the Jets need to do something. The team is terrible and they are wasting Darnold’s potential with the lack of talent he is surrounded with.

Bringing Beckham in could blow up in the organization’s face, but at this point it seems like a risk worth taking.

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