Brooklyn Nets’ NBA Trade Deadline Plan Revealed

Brooklyn Nets’ NBA Trade Deadline Plan Revealed

The Brooklyn Nets started off their 2022-23 NBA season about as slowly as any team possibly could, but they have really bounced back since then.

After going 9-1 in their last 10 games the Nets are now 27-13 and sit second in the Eastern Conference.

A mere 1.5 games separates them from the first-place Boston Celtics at this point.

With the NBA Trade Deadline rapidly approaching, a popular topic of conversation in league circles has been whether Brooklyn has it in them to make a big move.

Obviously there has been a lot of chatter about a possible deal between them and the Atlanta Hawks centered around Ben Simmons, but is that really the only option on the table?

This past week, an NBA Eastern Conference insider revealed to that Brooklyn wants to add a “star” slash “power-forward-like player” ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline.

“The Nets are definitely looking for a deal, but they want to bring in a star who can play alongside what they have,” he said.

“They’d be in the market for a power-forward type, maybe a rebounder.”

John Collins of the Atlanta Hawks seems to be a popular candidate.

“What you are seeing with Collins now is that the Hawks want him to be treated like an All-Star, they want a big-time return for Collins—not quite like the Rudy Gobert or Donovan Mitchell trades, but something in that neighborhood,” the exec noted.

“And everyone else looks at him like he’s a guy who is owed $100 million over the next four years and is having the worst year of his career. The Nets can build a package around Joe Harris to make the money match, and add in Royce O’Neale and Cam Thomas.”

That said, if Collins doesn’t work, there is another prominent big man who has three squads vying for his services right now, too.

With the stars that the Nets currently have and the defensive versatility that Simmons and Nic Claxton offer, they don’t need to make any moves.

This is a group that can stay pat and still win a title.

That said, if a good trade does present itself, all signs point to the Nets being very willing to have some conversations.

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