Broncos Make Surprising Colin Kaepernick Decision

Broncos Make Surprising Colin Kaepernick Decision

Broncos Make Surprising Colin Kaepernick Decision

The Denver Broncos made a surprising Colin Kaepernick decision.

Last month, the NFL publicly announced that it would be holding a special workout for Kaepernick.

The move was an unexpected one, but seen by some as the extension of an olive branch.

Not only would this workout showcase Kaepernick’s abilities, it would also let NFL teams know that after three long years they could safely get back into the Colin Kaepernick business.

Past bygones were bygones, and whatnot.

The workout was set to take place at the Atlanta Falcons’ stadium and attended by 20-plus organizations, it was said.

Of course, we all know where things went from there.

On the day of the workout Kaepernick called a last-minute audible and moved the entire thing 60 miles in the other direction.

The last-minute venue shift resulted in less than half of he representatives showing up.

Kapernick looked fine in the second workout, but ultimately the narrative that emerged from it was that he was unwilling to play by the NFL’s rules.

Essentially the same issue that plagued him in 2016 and led to his unofficial blacklisting.

Still, despite that narrative, hope remained.

The hope was that when a team would need a back up quarterback, Kaepernick would get the call.

Well, Denver found itself in the position of needing a quarterback recently.

After making the decision to remove Drew Lock from IR and onto the main roster, the Broncos had the option of either bringing Brett Rypien back into the fold or looking in another direction.

Team brass did not even hesitate.

Rypien was signed to the practice squad within two days.

That means when confronted with the choice of taking a chance on Kaepernick or adding the former Boise State star – Denver opted for the latter.

This is not the first time a situation like this has played out.

The Detroit Lions and Pittsburgh Steelers were also seemingly disinterested in adding Kaepernick when their respective quarterbacks went down.

This has been a very injury-plagued season for the passer position in the NFL, but for whatever reason, nobody has signed Kaepernick.

Does that mean the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback will never get another shot in the league? It is hard to say.

But if it did not happen this year, when so many teams desperately needed help, it is hard to see it ever happening.

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  1. If he is reinstated in the NFL, not only will I not watch another game but many friends of mine are saying the same. It looks like pro football is going the way of professional wrestling.

    1. Why? Wrestling is straight fake. A athlete who tries to bring awareness to to police brutality not all police the racial discrimination you boycott. Well I served and kneeling was not a bad insult it’s respect for the falling ones and actually the national anthem was composed by a racist for the racist my bad I shouldn’t have ask why you would boycott my answer came as a texted my response

      1. You’re a liar. You never served in the U.S. military. Only a black ghetto trash racist and illiterate, uneducated, idiot, would falsely consider Francis Scott Key a racist.

        USAF Major (ret.)


          1. We didn’t bring the slaves, your own people did. We gave them refuge…Do you think they had it better in Africa? You’re more than welcome to return there. Quit looking for a reason to spread hate, and try spreading some love. Be grateful for being alive

      2. Everybody is a racist.If you don’t like a political policy being implemented just call it racist even if it has no connectioEveryone is getting tired.

      1. It’s amazing to me that how people can’t see or believe the reasoning for all of this.
        Everyone deserves a second chance, he’s played football all his life! Put yourself in his shoes, if you truly believed and stood for something you believed in, does that mean you can never work in your profession again? He didn’t harm anyone but you’ll back, root for and support others in the game and politicians that has done and been accused of harsher acts. No ones perfect and we all deserve another chance!

      1. They should never let his ass every play football again with his disrespectful don’t kneel at the flag.. soldiers fight for your freedom so respect them..he fucking sucked at football anyway

        1. Hell yeah he thinks it’s all about his stupid ass!! NFL gave him a chance to prove his self and what did his dumbass do!!!! Made it about him and moved his try outs!!! Good for comish of letting his dumbass go!!!!

          1. Open your eyes it wasn’t about him. It was about police brutality and the national anthem is a racist song. Let me ask u a question do u condone racism?

        2. Come on now, this man was better than over half the QB in the league !! I’m not really into the back and forth talk, but the man keeled for a reason not disrespect !! Keep it solid or don’t speak at all.

          1. He didn’t start kneeling until after he lost his starting position. His last 21 games he started he was 3wins and 18 losses .

        3. I served 11 years as a combat vet in the U.S. Army. I feel more disrespected by people like you, who would rather turn a blind eye towards a broken system that would rather shoot me in cold blood after everything I’ve sacrificed for it, than I’ve ever felt from a guy who’s willing to risk his livelyhood to bring awareness to the problems I face in this country. He’s not the problem. You are.

          1. Exactly and I’m a veteran too …. but you wasting your time talking to them because they don’t think the way you do because they don’t want to say out loud that they are racist but they know they are and they prove it with what they say… underlined smh

        4. That’s not disrespectful what he did. If you think a flag is more important than trying to bring awareness to police brutality and racial injustice, there’s something with you. What’s the use to standing for a flag, if not everyone is treated equally? Never mind, I’m sure you’re just a racist who feel black lives don’t matter.

    2. Who cares no one will remember your name past this comment. And if you won’t watch because he stood up for something he believes in your what’s wrong with this country.

      1. There’s a time and place for everything. When you put that uniform on … you are on the time clock …. be respectful …. do what your getting paid to do . Be a professional athlete . Practice your beliefs on your own time ….. opinions and what you believe in are like assholes … everyone has one !

        1. Your rights don’t disappear when you put on a uniform. I served 15 years in the Army and I supported his stance. It is closed minded people like you who think he did something wrong we served in the Armed Foxes so people like you have the Freedom to kneel or stand.

        2. So you saying be respectful to something you don’t believe in… but you gonna make him stand for that and cross his hands across his heart lmao because if you really believe in that then you need to be talking junk about Donald Trump for not doing the same smh

        3. you guys are some programmed stupid idiots,, you went and fought for wat????? but comes home and have to watch your DEVILISH counter parts/ Leaders pay a black man MILLIONS to run with a football… YALL DUMB ASS CAVE BEASTS ARE FIGHTING THE WRONG BATTLE😂😂 but you’re to DUMBFOUNDED & BRAINWASHED BY YOUR (OWN)….. stupid mf’s😂😂😂

      2. No one get the shaft more than hard working middle class Americans – we get nothing and are steady working class that cover for the weak takers w their hands out and the gender changes and complaints…. we are “straight” so put a fucking S in the LBGTQ bullshit

    3. well you & your friends CAN take your CAVE BEAST looking ass BACK to them CAUCUS MOUNTAINS LOL…. spread that evill & DEVILISH ova there.. THIS is our country💯💯💯💯

  2. No you are what is wrong with this country. He is a disrespect6ful idiot and he doesnt belong in NFL or anywhere else. He did not stand for what he believed in but because he could and he dared anyone to do anything about it.

  3. Guys like you and caepernick are whats wrong with this country…You dont knee against the flag…many of brave men and women fought for are flag and freedom…

  4. Jason: what is racist about the anthem?
    “The Star-Spangled Banner”:

    No refuge could save the hireling & slave/

    From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave:/

    And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave/

    O’er the land of the free & the home of the brave.

    How is that NOT racist?

  5. I am a Vietnam veteran. The reason we fight is so we can live by our Constitution and the Bill of Bill of Rights. These rights provide us with certain things. One of these rights is freedom of speech and expression. I don’t like what he did but I fought his right to do it. In fact, we fought a war back in the day so “OUR Country” could be free. Let it go. Everyone has the right to their own freedom of thought.

  6. He didn’t start to kneel until he lost his starting job.he was 3 -18 on his last 21 games. If it was his first year it might be different but defenses figured out how to play him so he was benched. He was frustrated so he started to kneel, otherwise he would have done from college. Brutality has been around a long time unfortunately. We must start voting for change. Not that it matters but im not white and not black , im human

  7. I bet you wish you could crawl in a hole huh John Sheldon. Our flag of the United States stands for something many people fought and died to gain us this freedom in the choice to express ourselves with freedom of speech. Say what you want about the subject matter I think there’s just a better time and a place that Kap could have vented his frustration what police brutality that was going on here at the time in the states or had some of you say goes on every single day in this country. He could have grabbed the sign and pick it in front of the law enforcement center he could vent his frustrations at the Town parades or town meetings. But Kap did it for all the world to see in an attempt to have people praise him that is my opinion only. Sometimes in life you make poor decisions and you have to live with them. Just ask Barry Bonds, just ask Ray Rice. You telling me that his career should have ended or that he wasn’t good enough to play anymore or was he blackballed just like Kap is and those before him have been over the years there’s only so many owners and it’s a tight-knit organization. Do I believe Kap deserves a 2nd chance, of course I do, we all do. Do I think he’ll get it absolutely not especially after the stunt he pulled when the NFL gave him his own day which didn’t mean squat they just did it to shut him and everybody else up and to say look what we did we went out of her way to help you. My ass you did you did it to make the league look good all the coaches and owners or still told the man is exiled plain and simple. So he kind of lit his own fuse I’m pulling up and moving to another site with his own camera people and his own receivers and whatnot. Time to pack it in Kap move into the front office of Nike they got a position for you. Those hopes and dreams you had as a Young Man got you to where you wanted to be but my personal choice you screwed that up. Certain things in this country I mean a lot to people and whether you like it or not that flag is one of them. I feel for you John everybody on your butt telling you to get lost you’re one less football fan who cares. I don’t think like that next time use a better choice of words when you’re going to be little somebody clean your own backyard first. Cap stood up for something you believed them I give him credit for that I respect him for that he just chose the wrong place and the wrong time to express that and in the manner in which it was expressed.

  8. He has the right to do the crap on his own time. Not on public broadcast. Dont forch your beliefs on anyone. I’m not a Carolina fan so I wont be watching his sorry rich ass anyway.

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