Broncos Install Spraying Disinfectant Booth For Players (Video)

Broncos Install Spraying Disinfectant Booth For Players (Video)

Broncos Install Spraying Disinfectant Booth For Players (Video)

The Denver Broncos have installed a spraying disinfectant booth for players to assist them in preventing the spread of Covid-19.

With the NFL officially moving forward and proceeding with a 2020-21 season, organizations are working as hard as they can to ensure safety for players and team personnel alike.

To date, more than 50 players have announced their intention to sit out next year. The remainder is looking for reassurance that franchises are going to protect them from the pandemic that is sweeping the globe.

On Monday, the Broncos revealed one of the steps they are taking to help protect their players.

That step? A special disinfectant booth that will spray all players who pass with a non-toxic substance of some sort that will destroy “microbes and pathogens instantly by forming millions of nano-crystalline structures.”

Although no medical professionals have come out and publicly spoken out on Denver’s new contraption, the logical presumption is that team officials checked with doctors before putting it in place. Besides, it likely is not the only thing that will be installed to ensure player safety.

Of course, this spraying device will only work for a short period of time. It does not account for opposing players or others that somehow enter Broncos’ players vicinity, so it remains to be seen how truly effective it will ultimately end up being. That said, something is always better than nothing – so you have to give Denver credit for trying.

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