Brittany Mahomes’ ‘Inappropriate’ Outfit To Kansas City Royals Game Goes Viral

Brittany Mahomes’ ‘Inappropriate’ Outfit To Kansas City Royals Game Goes Viral

Brittany Mahomes is one of the most well-known and polarizing spouses in all of sports. As the wife of Kansas City Chiefs star, Patrick Mahomes, she often finds herself in the headlines.

Over the last few months Brittany has trended for everything ranging from her ‘inappropriate’ tiny bikini photos to her wild birthday party pictures to her controversy with Taylor Swift.

And this week, Brittany found herself at the center of attention once again.

A few days ago Brittany and Patrick opted to attend a Kansas City Royals game. Innocent enough, right? Well, some people apparently took issue with Brittany’s choice of outfit to the proceedings.

Brittany Mahomes’ ‘Inappropriate’ Outfit To Kansas City Royals Game Goes Viral 1

“Could she be any more insecure?” one fan wrote.

“I feel so bad for Patrick. Stuck [with] her for life now,” another fan wrote.

Not everyone agreed, though.

“Beautiful,” one fan wrote.

“Sweet pictures,” another person agreed.

Obviously Brittany is used to being in the headlines, so the attention – both positive and negative – is unlikely to impact her much either way.

That said, there is something insane about precisely how polarizing Brittany is. You either love her or you hate her. There is no in-between.

And it is pretty clear which camp Patrick falls into.

With the Chiefs’ season rapidly approaching, Patrick and Brittany will likely have far less time to go out like this soon. Which explains why they have been milking it all they can as of late.

What will Brittany and Patrick ultimately go viral for next as the NFL offseason continues to wind down? Another MLB game, perhaps? Time will tell.

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