Brian Windhorst Outlines New York Knicks’ Trade Prospects

Brian Windhorst Outlines New York Knicks’ Trade Prospects

The New York Knicks are one of the NBA’s more interesting teams this year.

On any given night, you never quite know what version of the squad will show up.

Regardless of how they fare throughout the rest of the season, it’s safe to assume that New York likely won’t win a championship this year.

But could one be in the franchise’s future in the short-term?

It all depends on the moves made this offseason.

According to ESPN NBA insider Brian Windhorst, the Knicks may have the opportunity to make “two giant trades” in the near future.

“Here’s what I think about the Knicks,” Windhorst said this week.

“They have two handfuls of trade material, in my opinion. They can make, in my opinion, two big trades if they had to coming into this summer.”

In Windhorst’s estimations, two big stars are not outside of the Knicks’ reach.

“In my view, they can trade for two star-level players if they needed to,” he continued.

“It doesn’t mean they’d have to do those deals in the summer of ’23. Those deals can be made within the 23-24 season, they can be in ’24. But they can hold in my opinion, they can hold Jalen Brunson, they can hold Julius Randle, and they can make two want trades.”

That said, Windhorst also believes it would require some initiative from whoever is going to New York. Specifically, they would like have to request a trade there.

“It’s going to require, I think, a player to say ‘Send me to New York,’” Windhorst added. “And potentially another star player to say ‘Oh, I’ll go to New York too.’”

As evidenced by him revealing the drama brewing between Luka Doncic and Jason Kidd, Windhorst is as plugged in as anyone in the NBA.

If he is saying this about the Knicks – it’s true. Now the front office just needs to deliver.

Will two superstars find a way to finagle their way to New York come this summer? Time will tell.

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