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Brian Kelly’s Daughter Grace’s Wild Amsterdam Vacation Photos

Brian Kelly’s Daughter Grace’s Wild Amsterdam Vacation Photos

Brian Kelly’s daughter, Grace, caused something of a stir this week when her wild Amsterdam vacation photos went viral.

Ever since Brian Kelly arrived at LSU, his daughter has quietly emerged as one of the school’s more prominent personalities. Between her provocative pool photos and racy vacation pictures, Grace has had little trouble landing in the news cycle.

This week proved to be no exception.

In a series of photos shared to social media, Grace showed off the sort of escapades that she partook in during her Amsterdam trip. The pictures proved to be a huge hit.

“Loved every second of this,” one fan wrote.

“Your outfits are [fire],” another person chimed in.

It makes sense that Grace’s profile has risen the way it has over the past year. By any objective measure, her dad’s LSU debut outperformed expectations.

Yes, the Tigers losing to Georgia and Tennessee wasn’t ideal. But the latter was one of college football’s hottest teams for most of the year and the former won a National Championship.

At the same time, it’s hard to ignore LSU’s wins over Mississippi State, Auburn, Florida, Ole Miss and Alabama. Beating the Crimson Tide, in particular, is no small feat.

With Brian Kelly’s successful 2022 campaign in mind, it’s easy to see why Grace has experienced such a skyrocketing in popularity as well.

If it feels like LSU stars have been in the headlines nonstop as of late, it’s because they definitely have been. Between Olivia Dunne’s sister’s wild Baton Rouge party photos, Dak Prescott’s college swimmer girlfriend’s provocative girls’ night pictures and Coach O flirting with random baddies at the beach, the Tigers seem to be a pretty significant player in the larger cultural zeitgeist.

Grace’s Amsterdam vacation photos blowing up the way they did is just the latest example of that.

What will the 2023 college football season have in store for Brian Kelly and LSU? Time will tell, but no matter how the year goes, Grace will be there cheering her squad on every step of the way.

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