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Bob Stoops Wants Notre Dame Job, Not Florida State

Bob Stoops Wants Notre Dame Job, Not Florida State

Bob Stoops Wants Notre Dame Job, Not Florida State

Bob Stoops wants the Notre Dame head coaching job, not Florida State’s.

Ever since Willie Taggart’s abrupt firing on Sunday, rumors have run rampant about who FSU will replace him with.

Among the biggest names mentioned has been former Oklahoma head coach, Stoops.

Stoops recently reemerged in coaching after accepting a job with the XFL, but since that has not actually launched yet, nobody really believes he would pass on a good opportunity for Vince McMahon’s league.

The problem with the Stoops-to-FSU talk, though, is that Florida State may not actually qualify as a “good opportunity.”

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While appearing on ESPN this week, college football insider Paul Finebaum said that there is only one gig that would lure Stoops back to the college ranks: Notre Dame.

“People in Tallahassee maintain their No.1 target is Bob Stoops, but I don’t think they can get Bob Stoops,” he said.

“He walked away from Oklahoma and I’m told the only job he’d really be interested in is Notre Dame. He’s coaching in the XFL.

“I just can not imagine why he would want to go what is clearly — sometimes we use this phrase loosely, but not here — Florida State is an absolute dumpster fire.”

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Finebaum insists that there would be absolutely nothing at Florida State that would appeal to Stoops’ sensibilities.

“Why Bob Stoops would want anything to do with that place I don know. They are losing recruits. They are being mismanaged from the top down. Their facilities are subpar.

“I think a smart coach would be wise to say, ‘you know what? I could do much better than FSU.’ And I believe Bob Stoops is a very smart coach.”

Is Finebaum’s assessment of this situation correct?

We’ll find out soon enough.

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