Bob Myers Gets Brutally Honest About Steve Kerr Relationship

Bob Myers Gets Brutally Honest About Steve Kerr Relationship

Bob Myers stepped down as the president and general manager of the Golden State Warriors this past week.

Together he and head coach Steve Kerr combined to turn the franchise into one of the greatest in all of NBA history.

The four championships and two ‘Executive of the Year’ awards that Myers accumulated over the course of more than a decade in The Bay speak for themselves.

In his session with the media this week, Myers got brutally honest about his relationship with Kerr.

“Oh, boy, you know what a guy,” Myers said.

“What a once-in-a-lifetime friendship, once-in-a-lifetime person who is – he’s a fantastic coach. He’s an all-time, top Hall of Fame coach. But you can go through your whole life and not meet people like that, not make friendships like that. It’s super rare. Most GMs and coaches don’t like each other.”

Myers didn’t stop there, though.

“Winning a championship in 2015 with him, when Steve is in the room, it just makes you feel better about the room. He has a way of doing that,” he continued.

“You’ve all been in here with him so many times, and it’s his calming presence. He’s got, like I said, decency and a humanity that is rare, and also is a fantastic coach and has led this organization for, I think, nine years and will continue to lead this organization.”

Much has been made of the real reason Myers suddenly decided to leave the Warriors this offseason.

And while there is no doubt some validity to the chatter, none of that takes away from what was a clearly a very real and meaningful bond shared between Myers and Kerr.

The real question is whether the two will one day work together again in the future.

Could there be a scenario where Myers and Kerr maybe take their talents to the San Antonio Spurs sooner rather than later? Time will tell.

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