Blonde 49ers Fan’s Encounter With Chase Young Goes Viral (Video)

Blonde 49ers Fan’s Encounter With Chase Young Goes Viral (Video)

A blonde San Francisco 49ers fan found herself at the center of controversy this week following an interesting encounter with Chase Young.

On Sunday, a match-up billed up as a battle of titans between the Niners and Philadelphia Eagles proved to be something of a dud. Young and Co. easily beat down last year’s NFC champs.

After the game, Young went to chat with some of his family members.

That is when an over-eager blonde 49ers fan decided to intervene:

In a week of football that has already seen Trevor Lawrence’s wife’s party bus photos leak out, Erin Andrews’ explicit photo go viral and a blonde Eagles fan’s sign cause a stir, it would take a lot to capture the general public’s attention. But that is precisely what happened here.

The folks at home had some strong reactions to this blonde 49ers fan’s antics:

Big picture, this pattern of fan misbehavior has become all too common at NFL and NBA games.

For whatever reason, certain people feel like buying a ticket enables them to do whatever they want at these events.

This most recent situation is just another example of that.

Will either this 49ers fan or Young publicly address what occurred during that particular encounter in some capacity? An answer one way or the other will emerge over the next few days.

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