Bills Fans Accuse Texans Of Cheating To Win

Bills Fans Accuse Texans Of Cheating To Win

Bills Fans Accuse Texans Of Cheating To Win

Bills fans accused the Texans of cheating to win on Saturday.

Houston ultimately emerged victorious from its AFC Wild Card showdown with Buffalo, but it was not without controversy.

The Texans battled back after being down 16-0 in the third quarter to force overtime, and eventually, the win.

Saturday’s big hero proved to be Houston quarterback Deshaun Watson, who somehow avoided a sack despite being surrounded by two guys, only to deliver a perfect pass to running back Taiwan Jones.

Jones’ run then got his team into field goal range, leading to a 28-yard Kai Fairbairn field goal that ended the game.

Unfortunately, the only reason Watson had that opportunity was due to a blown call earlier in the outing when the officials missed a delay of game on a third-and-18 earlier in the drive.

On the aforementioned play, the play clock very clearly hits 0 – but the refs did not blow it dead. If they had, the game could have turned out very differently.

Instead, Watson was able to get the ball to Duke Johnson, who ultimately delivered the 18-yards his team needed.

Needless to say, Bills fans were not happy after the game.

Did Buffalo get cheated out of its shot at the second of the playoffs? That is up to each individual fan to decide on their own.

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  1. No one in Buffalo complained about Don Bebe running 10 yards down the sidelines OUT OF BOUNDS, before coming back in bounds to catch a TD. Nor did they complain about the pass interference on Ernest Givens by Darryl Talley in the overtime. You guys remember that he tackled Givens, and Nate Odoms got the int.
    That being said, shut the HELL UP!!! Take your whipping and quit crying.
    YOU JUST GETTING WHAT’S OWED TO YOU!!! Turn about is fair play. 😂😂😂😂.

  2. I give zero fcks about either the Bills or the Texans but that is the lamest response ever. Not all plays (or missed calls) are created equal. But I suppose that’s lost on a guy who writes “you just getting..”

  3. Hi. This game wasn’t decided on one play. With Bills up 16-0 they could not stop the Texans in the 2nd 1/2. .One of the most incredible plays I’ve witnessed is for sure the 2 players full speed full tackle mode bouncing off Watson and throwing that pass to get the 20 yard fg. The coach as well thinking we’ve been lucky immediately sent out 5he fg unit . Congrats to the Texans for a comeback of the ages…JJ watt seemingly touching or being on top of Allen all 2nd half. And that should of been a sack play . Great game love when comebacks are made they don’t juat happen. Too bad for the Bills but Allen is a good starting Q.B. They have a good Def also. Bright lights ahead for the Bills who are very importan5 to 5ge league. They have many many fans . Most still from wh3n Hum K3lley . Thomas Reed . Smith entertained 5he league. Everyone dwells on 5he losing of the SB. in a row. Congrats for getting their year after year
    Team of the 90’s would be the Bills despite 5hose losses. Those games showed how good of a team they had . Yes better than the Cowboys. I’m saying 5hat whole decade not juat one or 2 years of it. A game is rarely lost on one play (well saints) but rarely. 5hey couldn’t hold the lead. and Allen made a couple lost his mind plays . Watson stepped up with Watt good play calling let to the loss not that play at all. they should not have let Texans back in 5he game . That’s what lost the game bad play calling and poor execution it happ3ns to the best -Patriots beaten are their own game . The fact The Pats for 20 years have been exciting us should be applauded . No team in any league gas shown such dominance in the present day of salary caps high player tu4nover contracts (insane guarantees) its a chang3d game yet 5hey continuously make the playoffs and qin the SB. Teams should be applauded not diss3cted for being good.

  4. Calling Terrence’s response the lamest ever undermines your own reply. Or perhaps you’ve just not read many responses. I was impressed Terrence remembered that old game so well.

  5. They wanna complain about a delay of game that should of been called in overtime, but the Bills fans down wanna talk about the delay of game penalty that should of been called in the first half on Buffalo when Josh Allen took at timeout about 5 seconds after the game clock hit zero even the defense said something about delay of game but nothing, them refs in that game missed alot of calls in that game, I don’t care no matter how much experience a ref crew has, there gonna miss calls they are human & are gonna let these guys play, it’s the NFL playoffs not flag football… grow up Buffalo Bills fans join you division rivals the New England Patriots on the couch & enjoy the rest of the playoff, there is always next season, maybe yall should worry about Josh Allen’s bad judgement calls that helped yall lose the game not a bad call the refs didn’t make… have a nice day.

  6. How about in the first half when buffalo should have been called for delay of game, where u can clearly see allen calling timeout well after the play clock hit 00. Cant blame loss on one play.

  7. I love the Bill’s. The Bill’s lost because their QB played like a Pee Wee fb player. Lateral, carry the ball like a loaf of bread. Let’s be real if the QB played like a professional the Bill’s would be playing the Chiefs. No excuses. If I was head coach, come training camp Josh and I would be watching tape of why he needs to become a pro and not a pee Wee player. When he becomes a pro, the Bill’s will be a tough team too beat.

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