Bills Fan With No Shirt On Causes Stir At Colts Preseason Game (Photos)

Bills Fan With No Shirt On Causes Stir At Colts Preseason Game (Photos)

A Buffalo Bills fan with no shirt on caused something of a stir at this weekend’s preseason game against the Indianapolis Colts.

Heading into the outing, all attention was on Damar Hamlin making his big NFL return following last year’s cardiac arrest situation.

Hamlin wound up starting off on the kickoff team and then played most of the first half in his usual spot on defense.

Hamlin wasn’t the only star to emerge from Saturday’s game, though.

A Bills fan with no shirt on also stole the show.

In a weekend where Dak Prescott’s girlfriend’s outfit to a Dallas Cowboys preseason game made such an impression, it’s telling that this Bills fan was able to swoop in and steal the show like this.

Fans had some strong reactions.

Big picture, this is shaping up to be a massive year for Josh Allen and Co.

Last season the team was fine during the regular season, but completely collapsed in the playoffs against the Cincinnati Bengals.

History cannot repeat itself. Buffalo needs to step up in 2023-24.

Will this be the year the Bills and their fans finally win that ever-elusive Super Bowl trophy? Time will tell.

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