Bill Russell Epic’s Message To Michael Jordan (Video)

Bill Russell Epic’s Message To Michael Jordan (Video)

Bill Russell passed away this weekend at the age of 88.

Although many regard Michael Jordan as the greatest basketball player to ever play in the NBA, if championships are the name of the game, then even he doesn’t hold a candle to Russell.

Russell, based on sheer amount of titles, is the most decorated player ever.

A fact he was quick to remind Jordan of when the younger Hall of Famer decided to get a little bold.

“Yes, he’s a great player and I have the ultimate regard for him,” Russell recalled.

“He says to me one time when we were out in the middle of the golf course, they had just won the championship and he says ‘we’re gonna come after your record.’ I said, ‘which one? We won 11 and we won 8 straight, I don’t think you’re coming after either one.'”

Classic Russell.

Jordan was usually the winningest guy in whatever circles he rolled with – but Russell wasn’t like his other buddies. The man personified being a winner unlike anyone else in league history. Eight titles in a row speak for themselves. Jordan’s six total pale in comparison.

Russell’s passing led to a lot of fascinating anecdotes about him being told. Everything from why he had disdain for Boston Celtics fans to how he felt about modern day NBA players.

A lot of today’s guys could learn a thing or two from Russell and how he did things.

Jordan is obviously the GOAT in a lot of people’s eyes. And understandably so.

But it’s also nice to see that a new generation of basketball fans is being introduced to Russell and his overall impact on the game today.

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