Bill Belichick’s Son Steve To Take Over Patriots?

Bill Belichick’s Son Steve To Take Over Patriots?

Bill Belichick’s Son Steve To Take Over Patriots?

Is Bill Belichick’s son Steve going to take over the New England Patriots?

NBC NFL analyst Chris Simms answered that very question recently during a segment with Mike Florio of PFT.

“I was around Steve a little bit,” Simms said.

“He’s smart. He’s a really hard worker. I think he’s trying to stay in his father’s shadow — not to be a kiss ass or anything like that, but he wants to learn truly every little thing his dad is thinking about during a week or before a game.”

Simms also thinks Belichick’s ascent may be why Josh McDaniels has been looking for other head coaching opportunities.

“Added to the fact that I think there are a number of people in football that look at it right now and think Belichick kind of screwed over Josh McDaniels with the coaching hires this year anyway — making him stay in the building, didn’t let him go down to Carolina and interview, never got a chance to interview with the New York Giants,” Simms said.

“So, those are things I look at too and go. ‘Man, how can Josh be happy with Bill Belichick at this point now?’ I think that would favor Steve Belichick even more.”

The Patriots will be an interesting organization to keep an eye on in the coming years.

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