Bill Belichick Wants To See Tom Brady Fail With New Team

Bill Belichick Wants To See Tom Brady Fail With New Team

Bill Belichick Wants To See Tom Brady Fail With New Team

Bill Belichick wants to see Tom Brady Brady fail with a new team if he does not return to the New England Patriots.

With NFL free agency just one week away, the question of where Brady will end up is coming closer and closer to getting answered.

For month rumors have run rampant regarding whether Brady will remain with New England or seek out a new situation.

Recently, one former teammate of Brady’s, linebacker Ted Johnson, indicated that he believed nobody within the Patriots organization would not shed a tear if their star quarterback left.

“I think Bill thinks Tom isn’t going to win there,” Johnson said of Brady joining someone like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“They’re not going to be successful. It’s just an inherently bad franchise. Tom going there is not going to all of a sudden turn around their fortunes.”

Moreover, Johnson thinks the tension between Brady and Belichick is getting very serious.

“I feel like this is getting personal,” Johnson said.

“So I’m basically saying that Bill Belichick wants to see Tom Brady fail. He might, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there would be a part of him that’s like, ‘Yeah, go ahead, Tom. Go to Tampa. Enjoy yourself.’”

Will Brady really leave the only team he has ever played with to join a perennially awful organization like the Buccaneers? Time will tell. But things do not seem to be trending in the direction of a reunion.

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