Ben Simmons To Golden State Warriors Trade Talk Intensifies

Ben Simmons To Golden State Warriors Trade Talk Intensifies

The Brooklyn Nets acquired Ben Simmons from the Philadelphia 76ers this past season with the obvious intention of making him a key part of the rotation.

Unfortunately a variety of issues, both mental and physical, derailed that plan.

Ever since the Nets became the only team to be swept out of the NBA playoffs in the first round this year, many have wondered if perhaps change was on the horizon.

This week, further fuel was added to the fire regarding that speculation.

As noted by Sports Illustrated, an Andrew Wiggins-for-Simmons swap makes sense for all parties involved.

As things presently stand – the Golden State Warriors will have a very difficult time affording Wiggins long-term. Jordan Poole’s breakout campaign will result in a $100 million extension for him this summer; there simply will not be enough money available to pay everyone.

Trading Wiggins before he hits unrestricted free agency next year is the only sensible move – and Brooklyn could be the perfect trade partner.

The front office already sounds exasperated with Simmons and all the drama that has accompanied him thus far. Couple that with the unreliability of his health, both physically and mentally, and you can make a strong case for why it’d be safer to simply swap him out for a proven All-Star.

Golden State, meanwhile, has enough talent on the roster to take this risk. If it works out, there is a very natural synergy between what Simmons brings to the table and what the Warriors need. There’s a reason why even Stephen Curry has talked about playing with Simmons. The fit makes a lot of sense.

Obviously the Warriors in the midst of a deep playoff run right now — one that could turn into a championship run. But even if they do win a chip, the Wiggins situation will not resolve itself.

Will the Nets and Warriors ultimately agree on a trade for Simmons? It’s impossible to know for certain. Does one make a whole lot of sense on paper, though? Absolutely.

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