Azarus, EOS Blockchain-Based Gaming Platform Acquires $1.8M

Azarus, which is a blockchain-controlled gaming platform, operates as video game competitions, recently rounded up $1.8 million of investments, as reported by Venture Beat. The money is attained from Kleiner Perkins, Galaxy Digital through its Galaxy EOS VC Fund, and SVK Crypto, among others.

The company will be applying this capital to set up the game system’s EOS blockchain-controlled “smart challenge” platform. This system will enable gamers to go after digital resources by playing competitive and easygoing gaming challenges.

The platform also allows players to set their own guidelines and challenges. Through this feature users can set the terms which are authenticated on the EOS blockchain, comprising of the information used to execute and solve the challenges, to boost transparency and reasonableness.

The game platform drives users by using in-game API data drawn from Twitch extensions to assess winning statuses in online games and rewarding the winners as well as their fans. A pilot program will empower select streamers to grant tokens to viewers who can accurately answer their predictive or historical broadcast-related inquiries. AZA credits can likewise be earned on watching the Azarus-empowered beginner and expert esports streams.

Azarus is a part of the Ubisoft accelerator which as of now supports the Rainbow 6 Siege game. However, it intends to release additional later on.

In the meantime, Block one, EOS developer uncovered its plan to make another EOS blockchain-powered online networking channel known as “Voice.” This social media platform will reward and return power to its users. The system will be empowering the users to take advantage through their engagement and ideas on the platform.

Michael Kyaw

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