Argentina Fans Lose Shirts Cheering For Messi At World Cup (Photos)

Argentina Fans Lose Shirts Cheering For Messi At World Cup (Photos)

Many anticipated that 2022 would mark Lionel Messi’s last chance to win a World Cup championship.

Although there is some doubt now whether that is true or not, that was the underlying belief propelling Argentina fanhood for the entirety of the tournament.

Because of that, when Messi finally prevailed – folks lost it.

A number of fans, mainly female, decided to celebrate and honor the consensus GOAT by taking their shirts off at the World Cup. The videos of these acts were quite memorable, but the images didn’t leave much to the imagination either:

Argentina Fans Lose Shirts Cheering For Messi At World Cup (Photos) 1 Argentina Fans Lose Shirts Cheering For Messi At World Cup (Photos) 2

Given that the female fans in question did this in Qatar, which is notoriously conservative in its beliefs, many wondered if they would face legal ramifications.

This week, an answer emerged.

According to the women’s social media profiles, they are not in Qatar jail as some on the internet have alluded to:

Rather, they are still out and about – reveling in the history that they got to witness on Sunday.

Interestingly enough, these women aren’t the only ones that made headlines this weekend over their tributes to Messi.

The soccer legend’s wife, Antonela, also caused something of a stir with her outfit to the event.

Sunday’s victory over France, despite Kylian Mbappe’s hat trick, was the perfect cherry atop a brilliant career for Messi.

Not only did he win – but he did it on the biggest stage of all.

For years Messi was hounded by questions about whether he was consensus GOAT. He had to sit there and listen as Cristiano Ronaldo, an inferior player who was benched for large portions of this tournament, was described by some as his equal.

Well, at the 2022 World Cup, Messi settled the debate once and for all.

He is the best there ever was – no question about it.

No wonder Argentinian fans lost their shirts cheering for what they saw. Messi gave them all a memory that will last them a lifetime.

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