Antonio Brown’s Baby Mama Reveals Troubling Messages

Antonio Brown’s Baby Mama Reveals Troubling Messages

Antonio Brown’s Baby Mama Reveals Troubling Messages

Antonio Brown’s baby mama revealed troubling messages this week.

Chelsie Kyriss, the mother of Brown’s children, responded on social media recently after the former NFL star called the cops on her.

In a series of posts, Kyriss published screenshots of purported conversation with Brown.

“U going to be back here we going to recommit for our boys u hear me then I want to feel your love no more basic I miss u,” he wrote in one.

“Can I feel your love?”

In another message, Brown could be seen describing that he wanted Kyriss “sexually.”

“I really want u sexually u been gone to long so don’t come on no half way sh-t,” he wrote.

“This is what happens when you refuse to go back.”

Antonio Brown’s Baby Mama Reveals Troubling Messages 1

In yet another series of messages, Brown could be seen writing, “u doing this sh-t because u want me u cant be hating n not taking care me selfish ahh chelsie let me sex u with another girl for 2020.”

Kyriss included her response to that message.

“Nah I’m too grown,” she replied.

Earlier this week Brown posted a video on social media showing police arriving at his Florida home where Kyriss resides.

In the video, Brown appeared to be accusing the mother of his children of stealing his car.

As the police could be seen talking to Kyriss, Brown could be heard screaming at her.

It remains to be seen if the pair will be able to reach a resolution of some sort.

Most recently Brown was seen with Stephanie Acevedo, though the extent of their relationship remains unclear.


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Brown has been out of the NFL since September of last year when he was accused of sexual assault.

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