Antonio Brown Reveals Who He Wants To Play For In 2020

Antonio Brown Reveals Who He Wants To Play For In 2020

Antonio Brown Reveals Who He Wants To Play For In 2020

Antonio Brown revealed who he wants to play for in 2020 this past week.

In the wide receiver’s own words, he wants to play for “whoever wants to win.”

It is nice to see that all the recent bad press has not got the 31-year-old down.

One of the more bizarre storylines of the 2019 NFL season was Brown’s sudden fall into madness.

Brown began 2019 as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers. From there, he was traded to the then-Oakland Raiders who pledged to give him a fresh start.

Before he could play a single outing for his new organization, Brown began beefing with the Raiders to an extreme degree. Ultimately, the team opted to waive him.

Shortly thereafter, Brady was picked up by the New England Patriots and was billed as Tom Brady’s first huge offensive weapon since Randy Moss.

Sadly, the pair only managed to get through one outing together before a sexual assault allegation against Brown came out and the Patriots cut him.

Brown has been out of the NFL since September 2019.

Between last September and now, Brown has embarked on multiple odd feuds both on social media and in real life. Everyone from his past employers to his local Florida police department has been the object of his ire in some capacity.

Things came to a head about a month ago, when Brown was arrested. Since then, he has been on something of a public apology and media tour.

Most recently, Brown apologized to the Steelers and Ben Roethlisberger for his poor attitude during his time with the organization. He also expressed desire, again, to play with Brady – wherever the six time Super Bowl-winning quarterback may end up this summer.

This past week, Brown spoke to TMZ regarding what the future held for him.

His immediate plan was to attend the NFL combine and speak with various organizations about possibly giving him another chance in 2020.

“I’m excited and looking forward to seeing them guys at the combine,” he said.

“I’mma be out there ready to get things back on the right page.”

Where will Brown ultimately land? Time will tell. But given how talented he is, surely at least one NFL team will throw caution to the wind and give him a chance.

Whether that will prove to be a good or bad move remains to be seen.

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