Antonio Brown Is Returning To Pittsburgh Steelers

Antonio Brown Is Returning To Pittsburgh Steelers

Antonio Brown Is Returning To Pittsburgh Steelers

Antonio Brown is returning to the Pittsburgh Steelers, that is the only possible takeaway from his recent social media activity.

Brown, 31, has been out of the league since being cut by the New England Patriots in September. That move came on the heels of a sexual assault allegation being made against him.

The NFL is still investigating the allegation, and in the meantime Brown is limited to sitting and waiting on the sidelines.

On Wednesday, Brown raised some eyebrows when he was seen commenting on a November Instagram post from Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph.

Rudolph is currently second on the quarterback depth chart to Devlin Hodges, but the situation is a fluid one. Both men have looked good and bad in starts so far this season.

In the Instagram comment, Brown could be seen providing Rudolph with some support.

“Bro I love you right or wrong just wish I was there to help you would of been perfect,” he wrote.

What makes this whole situation somewhat odd is Brown’s messy breakup with the Steelers.

He played for the organization for eight years and in the process began one of the best wide receivers of his generation.

In 2018, Brown demanded a trade from Pittsburgh due to issues he had with how he was being used and his relationship with Ben Roethlisberger.

The Steelers ultimately obliged and sent him to the Oakland Raiders, with whom he never played a single regular season game.

So what does this most recent social media outreach by Brown mean?

Is he trying to mend fences with Pittsburgh? If so, the organization could certainly use someone of his talent to help the offense.

Or is this simply a cry for attention, something Brown has become known for in recent years?

Time will tell, but if Brown’s comment is genuine, it certainly presents some interesting options for the Steelers.

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  1. so let me see if I understand this correctly… you make a headline “Antonio Brown Is Returning To Pittsburgh Steelers” based on a nebulous tweet of support for a former teammate and you spin it into a story that he’s returning to the team? Amazingly bad journalism…

    1. Yeah. In no way at all does that tweet give any such indication. Also, as anyone who has bothered to make themselves even somewhat knowledgeable about the whole situation would know – there is no way in hell Tomlin, Ben, and management would ever stand for it. Terrible journalism! But you got me to click, so I guess that’s all journalism is about these days. Getting clicks whether what you say is true or not.

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