Anthony Davis On Whether Harden, Kyrie, Durant Can Work Together

Anthony Davis On Whether Harden, Kyrie, Durant Can Work Together

Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis knows a thing or two about super teams. After spending seven largely fruitless years with the New Orleans Pelicans, the talented big man was traded to LA last season where he teamed up with LeBron James to win his first NBA title.

A similar dynamic seems to be unfolding with James Harden and the Houston Rockets. Although Harden experienced more individual and team success over the past few years than Davis did in New Orleans, he appears to now have his heart set on a Brooklyn Nets super team centered around him, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

This week, Davis appeared on Da Windy City podcast with Mark Carman and offered his thoughts on whether Harden, Irving and Durant would be able to coexist on the Nets.

“You’ve got a great coach over there, great minded guy who knows the game from a point guard position,” he said.

“If it happens it happens, if it doesn’t it doesn’t. I am trying to figure out what Anthony Davis is going to do. Once I figure that out we’ll start looking at teams and things like that — but that will be a pretty good team though.”

Davis also revealed that, although he has been through what Harden and Russell Westbrook are currently going through in Houston, he doesn’t expect either one to reach out.

“I think they already know,” Davis said.

“They have both been through it already. Russ has been through it in OKC and James has been through it in OKC as well. I think they are two guys who have been in the league long enough and know what they want.

“They both made a ton of money and both those guys I know for a fact want to win cause I’m really close with both of them.”

At the end of the day, Davis is confident that both Harden and Westbrook will make the best decision for themselves and their families.

“They want to win, they want to compete for a championship whether that’s in Houston or somewhere else I know they are going to make the best decision for themselves and their family.”

Davis also took a moment to address the criticism that stars dictating where they want to play and forcing their way onto super teams is bad for the NBA.

“Guys never played on the professional level how you going to say what’s great for the league? You never played in the league,” Davis said. “You don’t know what’s great for the league. Players should have the ability to control their own destiny and do what they want to do.”

The next week will be telling. If a deal doesn’t come together soon for Harden, Westbrook, or both – then suddenly it will become very likely that the Rockets enter training camp with both players still on their roster.

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