Andy Dalton Gets Brutally Honest About Dak Prescott

Andy Dalton Gets Brutally Honest About Dak Prescott

Andy Dalton Gets Brutally Honest About Dak Prescott

Andy Dalton got brutally honest about Dak Prescott this past week.

The 32-year-old former Cincinnati Bengals star is no stranger to assessing other quarterbacks, so it stands to reason that he would weigh in on the one he has now been tasked with backing up.

“He’s a great leader,” Dalton observed.

“You can see just getting the guys around him to buy in to everything we’re doing, make sure everybody’s on the same page, pushing guys to be the best they can be. I think that’s one of the best traits he’s got. Then throw in his physical traits of being able to throw the ball well and move around well and all the things.

“I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Dak. It’s one of things where it’s been a great friendship, and we’ll be friends for the rest of our lives.”

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Andy Dalton Could Be Starting Next Year

Prescott’s relationship with the Cowboys is obviously in a bit of an awkward place right now. He wanted a long-term deal that would pay him roughly the same as the NFL’s most elite quarterbacks. Instead, he was franchise tagged.

Now Prescott will get $31.4 million for the 2020 season and his future in Dallas is very much in doubt.

On one hand, the 27-year-old betting on himself could bode well for the Cowboys. It may result in him having something to prove and improving on what was already a career-best year in 2019.

Or it can spark uncertainty in the locker room and make a franchise prone to dysfunctional behavior even more chaotic.

Last year, the Cowboys finished 8-8 and somehow choked away a playoff spot to the 9-7 Philadelphia Eagles.

Prescott finished second in the NFL in passing yards with 4,902, fourth in touchdowns with 30, and 14th best in interceptions with 11. He also chipped in 277 yards on 52 carries.

Unfortunately, that didn’t translate into on-the-field success for his team.

In order for Prescott to ultimately get the sort of deal he clearly wants, something will need to change. Not only will he need to be as top-tier as he was individually in 2019, but he will need to hoist the Cowboys onto his shoulders and carry them into the postseason.

If he doesn’t, Dalton could very well end up with the keys to the kingdom when it’s all said and done.

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