Andrew Luck Coming Back To Indianapolis Colts?

Andrew Luck Coming Back To Indianapolis Colts?

Andrew Luck Coming Back To Indianapolis Colts?

Is Andrew Luck coming back to the Indianapolis Colts?

Last August, Luck shocked the entire football-watching world with his abrupt retirement.

The 29-year-old was expected to play in the NFL for many years to come when he suddenly called it quits.

“This is not an easy decision,” Luck said at the time.

“Honestly it’s the hardest decision of my life. But it is the right decision for me,” he continued.

“I’ve been stuck in this process. I haven’t been able to live the life I want to live. It’s taken the joy out of this game, the only way forward for me is to remove myself from football.”

Ever since then, many have speculated whether a return was on the horizon.

If, perhaps, Luck simply needed a bit of time away to recharge and get healthy before ultimately making his triumphant return.

According to his father, Oliver, that does not appear to be the case.

“He’s having a great time,” Oliver said of his son’s retiremnt.

“He’s enjoying life. He’s healthy. He’s very happy. He and his wife, Nicole, just had a new baby, Lucy Luck.

“He’s a great dad as I expected him to be and is enjoying life.

“Still obviously live in Indianapolis and has strong feelings for the city and for the [Colts] organization, but he’s having a great time [in retirement].”

Luck played in the NFL for seven years and was a star throughout.

In 2014, he recorded 4,761 yards and took the Colts to an AFC Championship Game.

Although Luck never won a Super Bowl, his legacy as a great NFL quarterback is still secure.

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