Andre Iguodala’s Blunt Take On Russell Westbrook’s Struggles

Andre Iguodala’s Blunt Take On Russell Westbrook’s Struggles

Andre Iguodala is an NBA Finals MVP and one of the pillars of the Golden State Warriors’ dynasty.

He is in rarified air as a role player, and uniquely qualified to comment on various league issues.

One specific one that has caught Iguodala’s eye recently is how Russell Westbrook has been treated by everyone as of late.

Iguodala spoke out about it this week.

“When these headlines hit or certain news hits the wire, sometimes you gotta take a step back and say, ‘Why would this be put out?’” Iguodala said.

“I get pissed when they always have Russell Westbrook’s news like ‘This package went, they declined it. This team declined Russell Westbrook, this team declined Russell Westbrook… What are you really trying to do to this man? What did he do to y’all? ‘Cause, y’all just constantly keep doing this. What are you trying to accomplish?”

While Iguodala’s loyalty to a fellow player is admirable, it’s hard not to feel that Westbrook is simply reaping what he sowed.

He feuded with his coaches. He feuded with fans. He feuded with LeBron James. It has been brutal to watch.

It’s not like he is just some innocent party who is being unfairly lambasted here.

Does it undoubtedly suck to be on the receiving end of a brutal 3-word chant at a summer league game?

Sure. No question.

But again, it happened for a reason.

The best thing for all parties involved would be to move on. One specific roadblock is currently holding up a trade that would send Kyrie Irving to the Lakers in return for Westbrook.

Hopefully it gets worked out quickly.

Westbrook needs a fresh start in Brooklyn. L.A. needs to be done with him.

Will those two things happen before the start of next season?

Time will tell.

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