Amari Cooper Set To Sign With Denver Broncos?

Amari Cooper Set To Sign With Denver Broncos?

Amari Cooper Set To Sign With Denver Broncos?

Is Amari Cooper set to sign with the Denver Broncos this offseason? Things are moving in that direction, it appears.

Free agency officially commences on Wednesday, March 18. That is one week from now.

At that point, a free for all will open up with teams vying for their chance at some of the biggest names in the sport.

One such name is Cooper. Although the 25-year-old has repeatedly expressed his desire to remain a member of the Cowboys, he will still end up going wherever he gets the best deal.

According to Broncos insider Troy Renck, Denver will make a play for Cooper.

“As I have written before, I expect the Broncos to go after receiver Amari Cooper if the Cowboys don’t place a tag on him,” he said.

“He could command a five-year, $95 million deal. The Broncos can afford it — they could have as much as $75 million to spend when rolling over unused money from last year.”

Beyond the Broncos, Cooper has also been linked to the New England Patriots as a possible target.

Still, more likely than not, Dallas will probably stay true to its word and make re-signing Cooper a priority just as soon as the team figures out what it wants to do with quarterback Dak Prescott.

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