Alex Caruso’s Shoes Are Randomly Nicer Than LeBron’s

Alex Caruso’s Shoes Are Randomly Nicer Than LeBron’s

Being a member of the Los Angeles Lakers affords certain role players luxuries that would not be available to them if they were on different teams.

One guy who has really benefited from this is Alex Caruso.

Caruso is undoubtedly a nice role player and has proven with his deeds to be an objectively excellent teammate. But putting on the purple and gold turned him into a cult figure.

Typically, guys averaging 5.4 points per game don’t finish eighth in All-Star fan voting among Western Conference guards – but Caruso did.

This week, Caruso reaped another reward due to his affiliation with the Lakers: a major shoe deal.

According to ESPN insider Nick DePaula, “Caruso has agreed to a multi-year sneaker deal with ANTA.”

Caruso joins Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson, Charlotte Hornets sharpshooter Gordon Hayward (whose own shoes went viral recently) and his former Lakers teammate Rajon Rondo on the ANTA team.

So what do the new kicks look like?

One person who liked what he saw? Caruso’s Lakers teammate, Kyle Kuzma.

Fan reaction was mixed.

Given some of the absolutely hideous shoes other NBA players have, Caruso’s really aren’t bad at all. Stephen Curry’s latest release is a monstrosity. Montrezl Harrell’s kicks are a fur-covered abomination. Lonzo Ball’s old set probably took years off his career.

By comparison, Caruso’s shoes are quite nice.

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