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Alabama Star Makes Big Decision About Citrus Bowl

Alabama Star Makes Big Decision About Citrus Bowl

Alabama Star Makes Big Decision About Citrus Bowl

Alabama star Jerry Jeudy has made a big decision about the Citrus Bowl.

With the NFL draft looming, many wondered if arguably the most talented player on the Crimson Tide’s roster would participate in the team’s bowl game.

A showdown with Michigan is no doubt exciting for all involved, but health is paramount.

Nobody wants to get hurt just before having an opportunity at a big NFL payday.

With that in mind, nobody really would have held it against Jeudy if he opted to sit out the Citrus Bowl. He has done more than enough for Alabama already.

Despite that, Jeudy announced on Friday that he would in fact be playing in the Michigan game.

“I’m playing in the bowl game,” he tweeted out.

“There’s no reason to not play!!!!”

The decision will no doubt be music to Nick Saban’s ears. Earlier he made his pitch for why players should commit to bowl games even with the draft coming up.

“(The players can) look at this as an opportunity to enhance their future by playing really well and maybe improving their draft status,” Saban said.

“That’s what we’ll emphasize to our older players on the team. And they’ll all have a choice to make.

“When you have guys that don’t play in bowl games and they do play in the playoffs, that in itself tells you the view of the players in terms of how they look at the bowl game.

“Because we have made everything about the playoffs in college football.”

Will Jeudy be able to pull out one last win for old time’s sake in the Citrus Bowl? We’ll find out soon enough.

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