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Alabama And Nick Saban Are In Trouble, According To Paul Finebaum

Alabama And Nick Saban Are In Trouble, According To Paul Finebaum

Alabama And Nick Saban Are In Trouble, According To Paul Finebaum

Alabama and Nick Saban are in trouble, according to Paul Finebaum.

While appearing on 94.5 WJOX this week, Finebaum made it a point to note that things are not as great as they may appear in Tuscaloosa.

Yes, the Crimson Tide just defeated Mississippi State by 28 points and now sit comfortably atop both the AP and Coaches Polls.

But according to Finebaum, Alabama should still be nervous about two key issues: injuries and an inability to prevent late-game touchdowns.

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“I am still officially concerned about Alabama’s defense,” he said.

“It’s not the fact that seem to give up late touchdowns every week that skew the score a little bit,” he said, referencing the fact that over the past two weeks Alabama has given up 24 points in the fourth quarter against South Carolina and Ole Miss.

“It’s just that there are so many key players that are missing and don’t know when they’re coming back.

“When Alabama moves up in class, thought it was going to be against A&M, but it will be obviously against LSU, for that three- or four-game gauntlet, are they equipped to make enough stops?

“Because that offense can score with reckless abandon, but the defense is going to have to do something for them to win a championship.”

Alabama is off this coming weekend, but will have a chance to prove Finebaum wrong on Oct. 12 against No. 25 ranked Texas A&M.

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    1. Please tell me you have pay pal I’ll back a 1000.00 bet against your 500 they don’t win national championship I’m 1000 percent serious if you want that bet

  1. Very sad , last year tua got pulled way before halftime . With his ankle injury and 35 to 7 . Tua should have never went back in .
    What was everybody thinking . MAC was on the field and the announcer even said that was it for tua . Them all of a sudden tua is back in . Somebody should be answering for this poor call to put him back In . Tua has done many of two minute drills , that is no excuse . The doctors , trainers , coach’s such answer for this . His career could be over forever. Over what , 35 to 7. What else did he need to do . I told my friends when he went back In , that if he gets hurt , it will be sad and a poor call on coach Sabin . Then two plays latter it happen . I would not be surprised if tuas little brother enters the transfer portal . I would not blame him . I know nobody wanted him to get hurt , but it was a very poor call to put him back in . You should always be cautious, and be ready for the week . Why take a chance if you don’t need him . That’s just my feelings . My heart hurts for tua and his family , god please bless him and his family , teammates.

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