Adrian Wojnarowski On Latest Zion Williamson Trade Rumors

Adrian Wojnarowski On Latest Zion Williamson Trade Rumors

Adrian Wojnarowski weighed in this week on all of the Zion Williamson trade rumors that have been percolating over the past few days.

Ahead of the 2023 NBA Draft, murmurs have begun to circulate that the New Orleans Pelicans could be open to dealing Williamson.

His uneasy relationship with his teammates has only added fuel to the fire.

That said, according Wojnarowski, it would be surprising if the Pelicans ultimately opted to move on from Williamson this summer.

“I think you give it at least another year or two,” he said.

“I won’t rule anything out… but I would be really, really surprised if Zion Williamson is not on New Orleans’ opening night roster.”

That said, some of Wojnarowski’s colleagues seem to feel a little differently about the prospect of Williamson being on the move.

“The Pelicans have had some cursory discussions from what I’ve been told,” fellow ESPN insider Brian Windhorst reported this week.

“There haven’t been any offers made necessarily yet, but it makes you not really take too far of a leap to wonder… If the Pelicans are gonna make for the first time truly Zion Williamson available.”

If Williamson does end up getting put on the trade block, one clear frontrunner for his services has emerged.

Whether a deal will actually materialize or not remains to be seen, though.

Either way – Williamson’s relationship with the Pelicans has seen better days. Will it all culminate in him getting traded this summer? Time will tell.

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