Adrian Wojnarowski Breaks Down Bronny’s NBA Draft Plans

Adrian Wojnarowski Breaks Down Bronny’s NBA Draft Plans

Bronny James is arguably the most highly-scrutinized college basketball player in the country right now.

Despite being a freshman and getting minimal playing time at USC, Bronny’s NBA future has been the subject of intense speculation.

Specifically, many are wondering if he is preparing to take the next step and hop into the pro ranks while his dad, LeBron James, is still an active player.

The topic of Bronny’s future has become so heated that just few days ago LeBron literally rolled up on Stephen A. Smith for his negative commentary.

This week, ESPN insider Adrian Wojnarowski offered some clarity on what Bronny and the rest of the James family are planning as far as their short-term futures.

“Here’s one thing that won’t be a consideration I was told by Rich Paul: the idea that he needs to play with LeBron James — be on the same roster, play with him on the Lakers,” Wojnaroski reported.

“As Rich Paul said to me, if it organically happens LeBron would be head over heels excited to play with Bronny. But in Rich Paul’s words, LeBron wants Bronny to be his own man.”

That is a notable change of pace from what LeBron has suggested previously.

In the past, LeBron has said that he wants to play alongside Bronny.

One team in particular, due to their abundance of draft picks, has been cited as the likeliest squad that can bring the James men together.

It will be interesting to see what happens going forward.

Will LeBron and Bronny ultimately end up playing together when everything is said and done? Time will tell.

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