According to E3’s Colesium list, Marvel’s Avenger game is going to add four-player co-op and single player feature

Marvel’s Avengers game is going to be four-player plus single player game.  This information was revealed on E3 Coliseum website.  Coliseum website is an online panel for information regarding latest releasing games and their features. The four-player feature will allow four players to play the Marvel’s Avengers game simultaneously.  They can make a team of their favorite Superheroes and modify them as well.

In the panel’s description, titled ‘Marvel’s Avengers showcase it stated that “you should embrace your own powers”. Keene should join Crystal Dynamic’s development team and Marvel’s creative team to get exclusive information about Avengers and Marvel’s upcoming projects.

This gaming experience is going to be the most thrilling and defining exposures to the Avengers world.  It is going to be an action pack, a fantastic experience with great storyline and cinematography. Players can polish the character’s skill and modify as per their choice. Marvel’s Avengers game has always been full of never-ending challenges and constant threat.

Square Enix revealed this information via tweet, and more report would be given out after announcing the game in 2019. Game revelation is going to take place on 6 PM PT on 10 June, Monday at Square Enix’s live event.

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